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Glow like a diamond




Welcome to MonEli spa .

I am Mona Foroutani, founder of MonEli spa - a cozy, relaxing and safe place in the beautiful Pine Island area of New York. 


At Moneli Spa, we have an incredibly unique approach to skincare, as we account for overall health and wellness, considering the body as a whole when looking at the skin. We believe that we cannot treat the skin without addressing both the body’s internal state and external stressors. Diet, sleep, stress, hydration, hormone levels, (and more) all have a direct effect on the health of our skin. 


We are known for our european-based, organic and holistic facials, and we specialize in modalities not found anywhere else in Hudson Valley. Our facials are a combination of relaxing facial massage and natural products from Christine Valmy, the first and most prestigious esthetician school in the United States, from which I graduated as an honors student.


Taking care of our skin is very important. Our face is the first thing people notice when they meet us, and the first part of ourselves we see when we wake in the morning. We use it to communicate and present ourselves to others, while building a connection with them. Looking into the mirror and seeing a shiny, healthy complexion builds confidence within us and brings out our natural smile. 

Starting the day with a smile makes us happy as we go about our day and motivates us to try new activities. When we’re satisfied with ourselves, we love ourselves more, and can better show love to others.

I look forward to welcoming you to your second home at MonEli Spa, a place where we’re dedicated to making your life like a diamond " shiny and strong "



Spa Hours

Monday to Friday
10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday: By Appointment
718 10th Ave,New york,NY 10019

T: (646)628-1211


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